Good oral health is an important part of overall general health

We aim to help children have happy healthy mouths. Children need a caring and gentle approach to dentistry, so they have a positive outlook to their dentistry for life

A child who has a pleasant dental visit will gain trust and confidence in dentistry that can last a lifetime.

Our goal is to provide every child with a positive, calm, fun and educational dental experience in a child friendly environment.

We provide preventative advice to parents and children to prevent oral problems and dental treatment to restore and maintain children’s teeth as well as advising on any orthodontic issues.


Most children do not get to see the dentist until they are about seven or eight when they are called to see the school dentist. For many children this is too late as they are often well on their way to having their first toothache and indeed may already be suffering.

Paediatric dental specialists recommend that as soon as your child gets their first tooth and certainly by their first birthday, to take them to the dentist so they become familiar with the experience. Their first visit might be to accompany you or someone else in the family for a routine appointment.

It is important that you are positive about your forthcoming visit so that your child does not become unduly anxious. Do not worry if your child does not want to open their mouth on the first visit to the dentist.

The important thing is they get used to being in a dental practice while you have time to ask the dental team for advice on caring for your child’s teeth. Your child should see a dentist regularly. Until their 18th birthday, the time between appointments should never be more than twelve months.

Emergency Appointments

At Blarney Dental Care we realise that unexpected problems can arise at unexpected times so If you have a problem, please call the Practice on 021-4385664 as early as possible and we will do our best to see you that day